Viking Marine

Viking Manufacturing was established in 1974 founder John Carlson and his wife Ina Carlson first started selling parts out of their small home in Palos Verdes California, later business expanded and relocated in Long Beach California. John had several partners throughout the years, later Engineer Ronald Phillips became Partner in the business. Both John and Ronald continued making new and improved parts, such as Deck plates, Utility Hatches, Fat and Cat bag systems and many more. Viking Mfg was known for making good quality products all made in the US. After the death of John Carlson, Ronald became President of Viking and he continued to make Viking Manufacturing a successful company for many years, Ronald Phillips passed away in Feb 2008. Victor Elliott a long time friend and Company Manager for over 20 years became President and he continues to elevate Viking to higher grounds, We are proud to make the same quality products for over 38 years and will continue.